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Safety Tips And Best Practices For Using Weight Lifting Equipment

Getting older is lame. Staying strong and keeping your muscle mass is necessary to keep your body younger and healthier! Lifting weights is an easy and fun way to accomplish this. However, keeping yourself safe and in good form is the most important thing you can do working out.

If you start investing in weight lifting equipment, you’ll need to know how to use all of it safely. For example there are certain things you can wear to help you with your form and keep your body protected. There are also best practices with maintenance for this type of equipment and machinery.

Let’s take a closer look at four safety tips you can use for keeping weight lifting best practices.

1) Your Shoes Need Firm Soles When Using Weight Lifting Equipment

Stability. It’s truly the most important thing to maintain when you’re working out using weights. Being able to firmly plant your feet on the ground helps you keep your legs strong and in position. Going with a shoe that has a non-compressible sole will keep your feet planted way better than shoes with a cushy sole.

2) Consider Wearing a Lower Back Lifting Belt For Better Safety and Form

Whenever you’re using weight lifting equipment for exercises like deadlifts and overhead presses, having some extra protection is a great idea. There are weight lifting belts you can get that lay on your hips and protect your lower back. It’s also nice having the help with form. The sturdy material of the belt reminds you to keep your back and legs in check.

3) Keep Your Equipment Clean and Free of Debris to Make It Last

When properly taken care of, weight lifting equipment can last you decades. Debris, dirt, and other particles can get into crevices and degrade the integrity of the equipment quality. Make sure to regularly clean your workout space and equipment, and also provide any regular maintenance. Not only will this keep your space pristine, but it’s also better for your motivation to have things clean.

4) Measure Your Heart Rate and Track Your Workouts for Ultimate Progress

Another thing you can do to up your safety game is to track your heart rate while you’re lifting weights. Keep a notepad and a pen in your workout area. Write down the exercise, weight, and number of repetitions you’ve done. Also put down your heart rate levels after any high intensity lifts. Knowing exactly where you’re at and how far you’ve come can really be motivating!

It’s Best to Stay Safe and Secure When Lifting Weights

As you now know, it’s really easy to stay safe when using weight lifting equipment. By keeping aware of your body stance and using lifting gear to help you stay stable, you can really help your form and get the most out of your lift. And when you keep your equipment clean you can make it last. Don’t forget to track your heart rate and progress as you lift. It’s a great motivational tool!

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