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The Right Sort Of Feminine Hygiene

You do not want to think what’s going down in your nether regions. There are years of shame to contend with, but also, you do not know what exactly construes as feminine hygiene. So, to help you with this conundrum, here is a brief of the right sort of feminine hygiene.

Your guide to feminine hygiene

Discard the scented products

The first course of action is to discard the scented products that aim to fix the odor of your nether regions. No two vulvas and vaginas are alike, and likewise for their scent. So, there is no standard smell. As long as it does not smell off, or the odor is not fishy, you are good to go. There is no need for fixing the fragrance.

Anything with scent can irritate your skin, and skin that of the genitals is already very sensitive, you might then get into more problems, meriting then the intervention of the best gynecologist in Islamabad.

But do clean the nether regions

Your vagina does not need cleaning, but it is okay to clean the vulva —vagina is the canal, whereas vulva is the outer region containing labia, clitoris, pubic mount, etc.  Cleaning it with water and mild, fragrance-free soap is fine.

Have good bathroom practices!

Your cleaning practices when you are using the loo also have an impact on your reproductive health. Since women are more likely to have UTIs as the urethra is located close to the anus, it is important that you be careful when cleaning. Use a separate tissue for cleaning the anus and a new one for the urethra. Clean from front to back, so that the bacteria from the anus are not ushered into the urethra.

Please do not exercise douching

Douching is the action of using a cleaning agent like baking soda, vinegar, etc. inside of the vagina using a nozzle or something similar and allowing the concoction to exit through gravitational pull.

Exercises like douching are very harmful for the health of the vagina. It does not need cleaning; it can manage fine on itself. On the contrary, douching can upset the balance of flora in the vagina, causing problems. So, just don’t!

Do not forget to pee after sex

To lower your chances of getting a UTI after sex, it helps to pee right after sex, as it allows the bacteria to be expelled from the body.

Work on your underwear

Panties should also be an important part of your feminine hygiene routine. If the fabric is not friendly, not only will it be uncomfortable, but it will also lead to problems.

So, choose a breathable fabric like cotton that dries quickly, so bacteria cannot fester. Regularly change your panties. Clean them using fragrance-free, mild detergent.

Find a grooming technique that works best for you

Whatever grooming technique that you opt for to tame the public mane is entirely your call but try to work out the system yourself.

Razors are a popular choice because they are convenient, but make sure that you are using a sharp razor so as to prevent bumps. Stores them properly and disinfect them before using.

For waxing and epilation, try to be careful, as otherwise, your skin might break. When dealing with ingrowth, be patient, and use warm compress.

Going to the doctor if you suspect things to be off

Timely visiting the doctor can prevent things from escalating. But for that, you must be vigilant about your health. Take note of the smell emanating from your nether regions. Similarly, observe the vaginal discharge. Generally, it is quite common, but anything out of ordinary tends to signal a health issue.

If the discharge is discolored, or looks like cottage cheese, it might be a sign of an infection. A discharge with a strange smell, like that of a fish is also characteristic of an infection.

Similarly, catch a glance at your genitals every now and then; make a routine whenever you are showering, or make such a system. It will then allow you to catch anything out of the ordinary quickly. It also helps to get regular checkups from the best gynecologists in Lahore.

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