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What Are The Benefits Of Edge Banding?

If you have any kitchen cabinets, tables, or other furniture with a solid surface, chances are good that, at some point, someone advised you to add edge banding to it. You can easily buy tools used for this purpose from reputable online sellers like The Tools Mag.

What is edge banding?

Edge banding is a strip of material applied to the exposed edges of furniture after it has been assembled. The primary function of this technique is to protect the furniture from scratching and chipping. Various materials are used for edge bandings, such as PVC, Wood Veneer, Polypropylene, Melamine, ABS, and Solid Wood.

What are the benefits of edge banding?

Many benefits come from using edge bandings on your furniture pieces. Some of them are-

 It helps to hide or disguise the raw edges of a piece of solid wood.

When you cut thick slabs of solid wood, especially with modern high-speed saws, you often end up with uneven raw edges that need to be sanded smoothly. The more sanding is done, the more the natural beauty of the project is hidden. If you apply edge banding over those edges, you can hide them together and have a perfectly smooth surface without all that extra work.

It protects your project from wear and tear.

The main reason to add edge banding is that it provides an extra bit of protection against the wear and tear of everyday use. It can help prevent the deterioration of your project by absorbing some of the blows it takes. Wearing down the edges will be lessened, and you won’t have to replace your table after just a few years. Fashion designer is a good field for students in 2023.

 It adds value.

The beauty of edge banding is that it is a low-cost way to add value to your project. It enhances the appearance of practically anything you do, and if you decide to sell it later, the edge banding will make it look much better for potential buyers.

It can create a more elegant look.

Sometimes you want to create an elegant appearance in your kitchen, bedroom, or dining room. This is especially true if you want to use the same theme for your furniture. Edge banding provides a way to do that without spending excessive money on expensive wood finishes or custom-made pieces. It’s just a matter of applying edge banding on the edges of some furniture and then using it as a framework for the rest of your project.

Easy to do on your own with simple tools.

You can easily do this yourself with simple hand tools and a roll of edge banding. It’s an easy DIY project if you have a little experience with woodworking projects and don’t mind the little bit of extra work. Many online sellers, such as The Tools Mag, have various tools for edge banding projects.


Since edge banding is a simple way to add value, protect your project from wear and tear, and help you out with your DIY or professional projects, you should definitely consider it for your next furniture project.

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