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What Are The Top 5 Hitch Bike Racks For Easy And Secure Transport

Are you a biking enthusiast constantly on the go? Do you need help transporting your bikes safely and easily from one location to another? This blog post will explore the top five hitch bike racks that will provide a hassle-free transportation experience. Whether hitting the trails or going on a road trip with friends, these bike racks offer excellent durability, ease of use, and security for your precious cargo. So get ready to know about the best hitch bike racks.

VelociRAX 3X

This rack can hold Up to three bikes. This vertical bike rack features a 15-inch tire basket spacing. This rack can hold various bike sizes and designs and is perfect for small groups. With the given space, you can easily fit three road bikes on this rack or a mix of road, mountain, and e-bikes. This rack has rubber straps that have undergone UV testing to secure motorcycles by only contacting the tires.

VelociRAX 412

You can fit up to four bikes on the hitch-mounted VelociRAX 412 vertical bike rack. This rack features tire baskets 12 inches apart. This rack can hold various bike types, handlebar styles, and sizes and is best for small groups. You can carry bikes everywhere by packing the VelociRAX 412 with your chosen bikes and letting the rack do the rest. It has UV-tested rubber straps that only touch the bike’s tires to secure motorcycles in place quickly.

VelociRAX 5

The VelociRAX 5 is a bike rack for hitches that can accommodate up to five bikes and has tire baskets spaced 10 inches apart. This style of bike rack fits behind SUVs flawlessly. It can carry numerous bikes without going over the body of an SUV-sized vehicle. With this rack, loading many bikes is stress-free, and even youngsters can do it. The whole family can load and access the car’s rear with these racks.

VelociRAX 5X

The 5X vertical hitch bike rack features a 15-inch space between tire baskets and can carry up to five bikes. For example, road bikes with drop handlebars can simultaneously be loaded onto this rack. When loading bikes with flat handlebars, such as mountain bikes, the 15-inch distance between them provides flexibility. Also, it is necessary when storing two or more bikes with drop handlebars. This rack is for you if you’re searching for a place to store road bikes, beach cruisers, or tricycles.

VelociRAX 6

The VelociRAX 6 bike rack for hitches features a 10-inch space between tire baskets and can hold up to 6 bikes. This rack improves road excursions with friends and family. Whether you want to use a vertical bike rack for six bikes to travel locally or explore territory miles away, it will change the game. UV-tested rubber straps that only touch the bike’s tires are provided to secure motorcycles in place quickly. Be sure how you will pack your bikes before setting off on a bike journey so you won’t have to worry about bike logistics the entire time.


We hope we guided you well on the hitch bike racks. All of the racks, as mentioned earlier, will be best for your bikes. You can choose according to your needs; all are available on the Velocirax website.

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