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What are the Types of Postcards in Real Estate?

Real estate postcards are useful for communicating with buyers, sellers, and agents. They are used to promote your property and attract potential buyers, to show you have a goal that always keeps you moving forward, hard work optimization, and self-improvement.

 Sending postcards to your clients are great ways to offer various discounts to your customers. Nowadays, realtors send different types of postcards to their clients depending on their needs. Postcards for just sold listings and new listing offers are standard in the real estate market.

On sale postcard

The purpose of the on-sale postcard is to sell your property, and it can be used as a promotional tool for your business or any other type of property, such as real estate. This type of card has become very popular in recent years because it makes you look professional and well-organized at the same time. You can use this kind of card either when you want to showcase the features of your home or when showing people how beautiful their new place will be after they buy it from you.

Greetings postcards

Greetings postcards are the most common type of postcard in real estate and are also the easiest to send. You can find them at any grocery store, drugstore, and other places selling greeting cards.

They are generally less expensive than other postcards because they don’t have any extra frills like fancy paper or envelopes. They’re also relatively simpleā€”there’s no need to write anything fancy here! That’s why these cards will be perfect for anyone looking for a quick way to let your friends and family know how happy you are with your new house!

New Listings Postcards

New listings postcards are sent to potential buyers, who can visit your website and view the home. You’ll also see their email address on this card, which you may use for future marketing purposes. These are often used as a follow-up after an initial inquiry to determine if it’s worth pursuing further with that particular buyer.

Just Sold Listings Postcards

Postcards for Just Sold Listings are most common in real estate. This type of postcard is used to promote a real estate agent or broker’s portfolio and help potential buyers find their perfect home. The person who wants to buy a house will be able to see what houses are on sale, where they are located, and how much they sell in New City Paradise.

A Just Sold postcard is a terrific method to inform the neighborhood when a real estate professional closes on a property as a buyer representative or selling agent. Real estate agents can create listings without door knocking or circle dialing by using highly effective Proof of Performance postcards like Just Sold. It is also helpful for making a buzz about your recent purchase or announcing great deals to create awareness.


Real estate is an investment, a speculation asset; for most people, it is not related to their work income. However, everyone has the right to cherish and protect their wealth. In addition, investing in sending postcards to clients has many advantages.

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