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From Euphoria to Anxiety: Understanding the Emotional Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Shrooms are magic mushrooms whose psychedelic properties are well-known to its users. These mushrooms are known for their ability to distort a person’s perception, thoughts, and reality. At times, users mention that they achieve a sense of spiritual enlightenment.

There are negative experiences as well. Some people feel panic-stricken while others experience confusion in addition to feeling high. This variability makes it necessary to determine the effects that magic mushrooms have on the mind and what you may encounter when you take shrooms.

The impacts of these magic mushrooms can be extremely subjective and depend on several factors that we will analyze soon. But let’s start with the discussion of “how long do shrooms take to hit?”

How Long Do Shrooms Take to Hit?

The time that it will take for different people to experience the effects of magic mushrooms can differ a lot. On average though, it takes between one and two hours after consumption for the effects to be felt. There are many things that determine this time; they include the amount and type of shrooms consumed, the metabolism of an individual, and whether they consume on an empty stomach.

To hit the nail on the head, the answer to “how long do shrooms take to hit?” is this: The peak state occurs one or two hours after ingestion of the mushrooms and the effect may last from two to six hours. At this peak, the strongest emotional and sensory response is manifested from the drug which can vary from euphoria and awe to shock and fear.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

The trip that a person experiences while on magic mushrooms is a very unpredictable one. Several users experience, at first, feelings of excitement; colors become brighter, sounds more profound, and their thoughts become deeper. But soon these positive emotions can turn into anxiety. This kind of anxiety can arise from the fact that the mushrooms can amplify a person’s current emotional state or thought. As such, if a person begins their experience in a state of fear or anxiety, then these feelings will be exacerbated.

The setting is also very crucial. If a user is in a familiar and safe atmosphere with friends or relatives, it is more likely to be a positive experience, or on the other hand, a more manageable one. Negative settings can enhance fear or anxiety in the user, and this explains why preparation is paramount.

Preparing for the Experience

To avoid the pitfalls of psychedelics, preparation is important. It is recommended that those who choose to use shrooms should use them in a safe and comfortable environment and with a sober caregiver who they trust. It is also recommended to begin from a small dose especially when a person is just starting, to see how his or her body reacts.

In addition, being aware that the results are short-term can assist in preventing any anxiety. Understanding what occurs and the fact that the experience is time-limited may bring comfort.


Users of magic mushrooms have reported feelings of immense happiness and joy as well feelings of anxiety and terror. This is why the understanding of the length of the experience, a low dosage, and other forms of preparation can help control and possibly even enhance the experience. These preparations can help avoid the potential risks of trying out this substance for the first, second, or thousandth time.

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