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How to Use a Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Correctly?

A scarf! While the largest explosion in Electric Scooters was largely due to counterfeit products made in China, explosions in self-balancing scooters were reported closely related to their common but widespread use. with the soft lining of the cell box. and battery abuse, most exploding batteries in the mall are filled with other materials such as wood shavings and cement, saving exploding batteries and $20-$30 space for a 20 cell battery.


According to a guest post, this is a very cheap racing scooter. If you want to buy it really cheap, ask the seller to open the cell box and check if the 20 cells of the battery are full. Below is a list of things to consider when using batteries. After all, safety comes first.

Replace the alternator and remove the cruise control;

Two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter chargers are designed accordingly and are usually designed primarily to meet specific needs. If in doubt, do not replace the charger unnecessarily. If you need a longer battery, it should be equipped with multiple chargers for remote charging. Although it is possible to increase the speed of the self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter, turning off Cruise Control reduces safety and battery life.

Protect the amplifier;

A typical charging guide shows how to maintain a self-balancing electric scooter battery. Most users are not used to constantly referring to standard technical information. After problems caused by improper use of the self-balancing scooter, it is too late to remember the instructions, so read the user manual. To reduce costs, chargers are not designed to withstand high vibration, so do not place the charger in a basket or e-bike. In special cases, you should open it and make sure that the self-balancing electric scooter charger is filled with foam to prevent vibration and ventilate the battery during charging; It not only shortens the life of the charger, but also affects the charging process. Therefore, it is also important to protect the two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter charger.

Fast charging and constant low current;

A fast charging battery effectively removes sulfur, gradually reducing the battery’s capacity and shortening the battery’s service life. To keep the battery in good condition, charge it when it is fully charged.

Develop part of a good way to save energy;

Use the slide as much as possible. Use it sparingly to reduce downforce and braking on two-wheel e-scooters.

Smart Balance is a two-wheeled scooter

Environmental tax;


The optimal temperature of the charger is 25 °C. Most chargers are not suitable for an ambient temperature control system, so most two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter chargers are designed for 25°C, so please charge the battery at 25°C. C – °C is recommended. The best setting for the battery and charger is in an air-conditioned, temperature-controlled environment.

Make full use of the living area;

Most e-balancing scooter dealers can provide battery repair and maintenance services that we should take advantage of.

The Use of a Self-Balancing Electric scooter;

Scale is integral to the function of riding, so regular maintenance means checking and maintaining the wheel. You should occasionally feel the tension of the line components by hand, only if the armature is oriented along the axis, as the component armature vibrates to loosen the components. To ensure safety of use, we continue to test the bolt strength of the rubber parts and only tighten the bolts to ensure the stability of the assembly. Ride freely on a self-balancing scooter. At the same time, it should reduce wheel wear for ease of travel and use.

The Self-Balancing Electric scooter;

Must be sent to the workshop immediately for maintenance, if the tire leaks, make sure the Electric Scooter for Adult is suitable for continuous use, use it only when it is suitable for travel conditions. If a large part of the tire is damaged, contact the sales department immediately so that the tire is replaced as soon as possible. When cleaning the self-balancing scooter, make sure it is turned off, do not clean with water directly, clean with a wet cloth to prevent water from entering the device. It must not be washed with water when energized, otherwise it will damage your self-balancing scooter and even endanger your life.

The Balance Electric scooter;

Should be stored in a dry and ventilated place for a long time without use, and should not be stored in a wet and non-ventilated place, otherwise the moisture will damage the board and battery and cause unexpected problems.

10 If parts of the sports equipment are found worn or damaged, it is recommended to service the self-balancing scooter for six months. Replacement of new parts is recommended to maintain safety balance and stability.

The Electric Scooter;

Charger usually has special needs, for uncertainty, do not change the charger unreasonably. Substituting other chargers will not only shorten battery life, but also cause safety hazards. Do not put the battery in a place where the ambient temperature is 60 degrees or higher, do not charge it in the kitchen and oven or near fire, gas and explosives, so the battery needs to be charged every 2 times. 3 months Maintain a fully charged battery if not used for more than six months. Download the new self-balancing scooter. This is because the battery will gradually charge due to long-distance transportation. Keep the charging environment clean and dry. Do not charge if the charging port is wet. Determine the load and maintenance of the self-balancing scooter; Otherwise, it will damage the battery and affect the life of the self balancing electric  scooter.

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