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Los Angeles truck accident: Does it matter to hire a lawyer?

Commercial trucks and 18-wheelers can be seen all around Los Angeles. While essential to the transportation industry, trucks are also responsible for some of the worst accidents in California. If you ever get involved in a truck accident, you should focus on recovering the maximum settlement for your injuries. The question is whether hiring a LA truck accident lawyer is relevant. We have a few pointers below for your help.

A trucking accident can cause massive damage

Because trucks outweigh passenger vehicles, the impact of a minor crash can be catastrophic. Typically, the worth of truck accident claims is always on the higher side, and expectedly, the insurance company will do its best to resist paying a fat amount. There are also state and federal laws that impact the trucking industry in numerous ways, and without an attorney, you may not understand everything.

There could be many parties at fault

Investigating a truck accident can be confusing, especially because multiple parties could be at fault for the same mishap. You need a capable lawyer with the resources and expertise to gather more details. The trucking company, the loading service, the vehicle manufacturer, the truck driver – there could be more than one party to your claim. Your lawyer will investigate accordingly.

Your fault could be a factor

If you are partly liable for the accident, the pure comparative negligence rule will come into the picture. In California, you could file a claim even when you are 99% at fault, but every case is unique and must be evaluated on facts and available evidence. Also, your fault percentage will largely determine what you get from the given financial compensation. You need a lawyer in such situations, or the insurance company could try to pin the blame on you.

Insurance companies will only make it hard for you

The claims adjuster knows that your claim could be worth more, and because they are working for the insurance company, they will do their best to reduce the final amount. You could be asked to sign a release, giving the company access to your medical records. You need a lawyer who can fight for the right amount, and more importantly, you can avoid common mistakes.

Truck accidents can leave you grappling with the worst circumstances you can imagine. It only makes sense to seek legal help, especially when lawyers take such cases on a contingency arrangement.

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